6. Roga's stone

5. The second, forestry path

4. From vineyards into the forest

3. Above vineyards and Hrnjevac

2. Starting point through vineyards

1. By the road close to Hrnjevac

Roga's stone

Basic info

Lenght: 7km
Height difference: 454m
Terrain: agricultural and forest, path through forest
Difficulty: 2/3
Time required: 2.5h

Tour description

The southern slopes of Hrnjevac, the village on the left on the Vetovo-Kutjevo road.

Go through the village till vineyards and the forest along a narrow path left of the vineyards. The path through the forest is not marked so you have to be cautious. There are a few diverging points, but the steepest option towards north should be chosen. After half an hour or so we come out of the forest to a clearing, then ascent for a few minutes and on the left there is the mark of Roga's stone with a stamp and entry book.

This is the end of our tour, but for the experienced hikers if they go on the path leads to Tromeđa and Lipa, Mlaka Hut and Kapavac, or even the historical medieval town Ružica on the north side of Papuk. The way back is the same.

Map and height profile

Sign a tour!

After you have conquered the tour you can report yourself in two ways:
1. on the road directly by using your mobile phone for the members. Approximate spot for reporting yourself is the Roga's stone (the highest point and the final destination)
2. by sending a photo with you in front of the Roga's stone (inscription).

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Sightseeing and tourism

Enjingi Winery

The family tradition has existed since 1890. when the first vine was planted on the slopes of Krndija by Koloman Enjingi in Hrnjevac. Love for wine and other secrets of the trade have been carried over generations till today.
Ivan Enjingi put an end to the traditonal way of selling wine in barrels and started with bottled wine. All wines in his cellar come from ecological production since they haven't been treated and grow naturally. You can also order wines online via their webshop. The best sorts are a high quality Graševina, Bijeli i crni kupaži Venje, Chardoanny and Zweigelt. The vineyards have been cultivated on the sunny, south slopes of Krndija and have been approximately 15 years old, whereas there are some up to 35 years old but very well kept. Beside the wine tasting, traditional dishes from Slavonia and home-made bread, Enjingi offers accommodation in a considerable amount of appartments and rooms.
The place is well suited for the organisation of conferences, gatherings and relaxed weekends with family and friends. It also offers sightseeing of vineyards and cellars, wandering through the natural park Papuk, cycling, and relaxing with the local tamburitza players.

Restaurant Kutjevački podrum

The resturant is in the vicinity of the famous wine cellar in Kutjevo. The rich gastronomical offer includes game specialties, grilled dishes, on the spit and under a lid, home-made bread and cakes. Among the best known are the „Kutjevo steak“ and „Vineyard ćevap“. All meals are prepared with daily fresh ingredients from Slavonia in a traditional way. Beside the variety of food, for all wine lovers there is also a variety of high quality wines made by Kutjevo d.d.

Krauthaker wines

In the Krauthaker wine cellar all sorts of grapes – from the Late harvest to the Dry berry selection - are maintained, matured and transformed into wine. Thanks to the suitable climate and soil the world-famous grape sorts can be cultivated as well. The vineyards are situated on the 45,3 parallel heading west connects the world famous wine areas like Piemont, Val du Rhone, Bordeaux and Oregon. As many as 25 different quality wines are produced by Krauthaker. For the soil cultivation and vineyards the hundred-year-old techniques have been used.
The wines are world-famous and their quality is sealed by numerous medals and certificates of the trade. The most awarded is Graševina, also Chardonnay from Mitrovac is worth mentioning especially as the gold medal winner on the competition Chardonnay du Monde in 2002., and the Sauvignon from 2005. was chosen as the only Croatian wine served in the first class on Lufthansa flights.

Turistička zajednica Požeško-slavonske županije. Turistička zajednica Hrvatske