Through fields and groves


Lenght: 33km
Height difference: 240m
Ground: asfalt
Difficulty: 1/3
Time needed: 2h

Round description

It is an interesting tour for it goes through the traditional villages of Slavonia, over the culturally rich hills. The starting point is the recreational centre in Požega, along Orljavska Street up north to the traffic lights where we turn left into Frankopanska Street take second on the right towards Emovci, Emovački Lug and Nova Lipa. In Nova Lipa we turn left towards Stara Lipa on the right then towards Jaguplije and Skenderovci. From Skenderovci there is an easy, gradual ascent towards Požeški Brđani and Perenci. By following the road we come to Lučinci turn right towards Toranj. In the next few kilometers there are some ascents and descents. Behind Toranj on the right we take the road to Krivaj and Požega and go all the way down through villages.

Map and elevation profile

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1. on the road directly by using your mobile phone for the members. Approximate spot for reporting yourself is:
Lat: 45.427564, Long: 17.843857 ili
N 45st 25’ 39.23”, E 17st 50’ 38.884”
2. tako da pošaljete fotografiju na kojoj se vidite vi i vaš bicikl ispred vatrogasnog doma u Tornju Send a photo of you and your bike in front of firehouse in Toranj
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Near monuments

The Town Museum in Požega

Thanks to Julije Kempf, an eminent citizen of Požega, historian, the author of the first monograph about Požega and the mayor, the Town Museum was founded in 1924.
The trademark of the museum is a baroque trade civic house Krauss from the beginning of the 18. century which was bought by the Town council for the needs of the museum in 1953. The museum consists of four compartments (arhaeological, historical, historical-artistic with a gallery and ethnological) which take care of 16 collections with about 30 thousand objects. Because of the lack of space the following items aren't exibited: ethno collection and art and coin-sfragistic collection (coins, medals, badges etc.). One of the important collections are: the Feudal Age, the Middle class, Lerman's collection and the collection of Miroslav Kraljević. In the museum library, beside the textbooks and historian books, there are also rare and old books, works of writers from Požega and manuscripts. In the special auditorium there are various art, cultural-historical and pedagogical exibitions.

The Holy Trinity Square

As early as in the 19. century was Požega called „the Athens in Slavonia“ because of its culture, and the Holy Trinity Square in a baroque style is the town centre and an important cultural monument. Požega is the so-called town-monument because of its heritage and a rich „Golden Valley“ history.
The Holy Trinity Square with its irregular triangle shape, bolts and a baroque column takes a special place. On the Square there is also a Franciscan monastery and the Church of the Holy Spirit from the 13. century, St. Lawrence Church with murals from the 14. century, a building of the Jesuits' collegiat body built in 1711., the first Grammar School from 1726., the Old Town Hall and the museum.

Sightseeing and tourism

Zrinšćak Winery

The family Zrinšćak has a long tradition of wine production. It all started with a production of the first wines from Graševina, Rajnski riesling and Pinot. The vineyards stretch on the slopes of Papuk as a part of vineyards of Kutjevo. The most represented kind is Graševina. Among new kinds there are Zweigelt, Muškat žuti and a quality wine Muškat žuti (Select harvest) worth mentioning.

Zlatni lug

In the heart of the valley, in a little village Donji Eminovci, there is a farm called Zlatni lug. It offers accommodation in modern and elegant rooms.
The property consists of two parts covering up 70 hectars. The first part consists of catering facilities, sleeping chambers and a wine shop. The second part offers sports and recreational facilities. Visitors are offered paintball, archery, two fish ponds for angling, wandering and bicycle paths, football and volleyball pitch on sand and bowling court. There is also a „Slavonian House“ on the estate which came into existence after the old stable had been renovated, so you can see the old wooden beams on the ceiling, brick floors and troughs for animals.
Beside the accommodation it offers the best wines from Požega area in the wine cellar surrounded by old bricks and broken roofing tiles. You can also taste smoke-dried meats from local black hogs, home-made cheese and many other delights.

Turistička zajednica Požeško-slavonske županije. Turistička zajednica Hrvatske