Lenght: 23,8km
Height difference: 736m
Ground: macadam and forest path, asphalt is only on the start
Difficulty: 3/3
Time needed: 2.5h


The road starts from st. Augusts church in Velika and it goes to Velika's pools and vacation site. After we pass the vacation sites asphalt ends. We drive on macadam to small car turning point at the place of old quarry and we go left. If the ramp is down, go around it. After approximately 1km, right before forestry faculty, we are seperating on the road to left towards Jezerce, big clearance with few paths crossing. We continue to go right and carefully follow the signs because road goes over few forest paths. By the time we arrive to Jankovac we recommend resting and observing the park forest and tour on Grof's paths (on foot).
Road back is not asphalted but the road is maintained which goes to Velika. There is crossing and homeland war landmark on the highest point of the road. We continue to go forward and then 9km long downhill awaits us and we will arrive to Velika. After we pass the quarry we enter the Velika.

Map and elevation profile

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1. on the road directly by using your mobile phone for the members. Approximate point for tour report is at instructive board opposed to entry of Jankovac mountain hut (17.684276, 45.521722)
2. you can send a photo of you with Jankovac mountain hut in the background.
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Near monuments

Geopark Papuk

Since 1999. Geopark has been a protected national park because of its geo- and biodiversity, abundance and valuable heritage. It got its status as the first such park in Croatia in 2007. Geopark has therefore become a part of the European and world UNESCO web of geoparks whose purpose is to protect, educate and maintain a sustainable development.
The Educational Centre and the Visitor's Centre is situated in Velika and represents its main enterance. In the vicinity of the Centre there are many touristic and recreational buildings (thermal pools, educational path Lapjak, climber's paths, a paragliding take off, free-climbing rock Sokoline). The exibition covers the most interesting biological, geological and historical exibits from the Geopark area. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the geological heritage through various posters, geological samples and crystals.
A very rich collection of fossils has constantly been exibited. Biological remains, among other things, include the nests of many bird species and a collection of insects. Archeological exibits include the objects from the late Stone Age, early Iron Age, and many other glass products from the Glazier's manufacture from the 18. century. Visitors can see all the places with a story about the Planet Earth more than 600 million years old.

St.Augustus Church in Velika

Today's parish church of St. Augustus is one of the oldest and most important sacral monuments in this part of Slavonia. There was a church in Velika as early as in the 12. century. Today's church was built in the beginning of the 14. century, and there is a monastery mentioned in 1435. as well. During the Ottoman rule in Slavonia, Velika was the only place where it was allowed to practice the religious rituals and to ring bells. The monastery in Velika was the residence of the famous fra Luka Imbrišimović at that time, who fought from here for liberation from the Ottomans in Slavonia. In the first half of the18.century the medieval church was baroqued and a new monastery was put up. After the abolishion of the Franciscan monastery, the monastery wings were torn down, so that the original complex was left limbless. Today's church is a gothic-baroque rebuild church.

Glazier's Cemetary

Above Janovac hut, there is a Glazier's cemetary from the 19. century.
The first inhabitants of the Jankovac valley were the glaziers immigrants from today's Austria in the beginning of the 18th century. The first written evidence about the glazier manufacture was made in 1801. Glazier's shop at Skakavac was opened in1801. and closed in 1820. after they had run out of wood supply used for the production of soot. From the former cemetary only three graves with a great glass stone remained. One belongs to the master glazier and director Ivan Gasteiger, buried in 1834. next to his wife Katarina buried in 1806. and their son buried in 1817.

Grofova poučna staza

It is in the most beautiful park forest of Jankovac and is one of the well-known touristic products of Slavonia.
The valley Jankovac got its name after count Josip noble Janković who had a hunter's hut built in the middle of the 19. century. He had two lakes dug, made a path all the way to the fall Skakavac and wished to be buried among rocks above this beautiful valley. That's how this path got its name in honour to him and was named a Didactical path. There are teaching boards by the path with explanations about certain natural and historical facts along the path. It gives the visitors two and a half hours of enjoyment in the magical world of the nature and heritage of this region. The Croatian Tourist Association recognized this beauty as well and it was awarded with „A Golden Flower“ in 2006. as the best original tour destination of the continental Croatia.

Sightseeing and tourism

Jankovac Hut

In the heart of the national park Papuk there is a hut Jankovac 475 m above sea-level as one of the most favourite places for hikers in Slavonia and Baranja.
It is situated on a beautiful meadow with tree green lakes surrounded by a hundred-year-old beech forest. The unforgetable fall Skakavac is a tourist attraction because of its height of 28 m and it falls down over a rock into the canyon of Kovačica. The visitors are offered ten modern and comfortable rooms with 64 beds. It is constantly kept open and offers a great variety of game dishes and fresh trout.
This is an ideal place for relaxation and leisure as well as for recreation any time of year, because it gives the visitors and hikers all kinds of additional activities such as sightseeing and getting to know the heritage of this region.

Buffet "Čiča Mata"

„Čiča Mata“ is one of the most popular restaurants in Slavonia. This wonderful place offers a variety of traditional dishes of continental and mediterranean cuisine. It is worth mentioning the dishes on a spit and grill, under the lid, fish specialties, home-made bread and cakes. It is based on a healty home-made food prepared with fresh ingredients daily.
Wine lovers can enjoy high quality wines from the region.

Hut Lapjak

The hut is situated at 335 m above sea-level on the south-west slopes of the timbered Toplička glava. It is a single-storey building with a loft, a terrace and a parking space. There are catering facilities, a big communal room on the ground floor as well as a smaller one, the so-called stone suite with 18 beds. They have double rooms and bathrooms on the first floor, and in the loft there are collective beds. The cut has the electricity, is supplied with pluming and has the central heating. The location itself is unique because of the nearby thermal springs.

Turistička zajednica Požeško-slavonske županije. Turistička zajednica Hrvatske